Live to play, play for a living

Make a profit with every game you play!


How it Works

Live to play, play for a living Ltd. is developing a OS independent E-Sport platform. This platform will allow every e-sport fan to make some profit from their skills. Using the platform is very simple:

Buy tokens

You need to buy some GGS token to play any platform supported game.

Send the tokens

You need to send these tokens to smart-contract of specified game.


You can give your best in the selected gameplay!

WIN a prize

If you are the best take all other gamers's tokens!

You need to use GGS tokens in our platform. You can buy or sell GGS when you want directly from our company or from some third party exchanges!

E-Sport platform for everyone!

Make profit from every game you play! is planning and preparing to launch a platform allowing both individual players and teams to compete in popular eSport games – DOTA2, League of Legends, Counter Strike: Global Offense, Call of Duty, etc... – supervised by our own artificial intelligence.

The client application, which can be downloaded from our landing page, will run within an electron framework on JavaScript, HTML, CSS basis platform will not depend on the operating system of the user. The first anti-cheat defense line is embedded in the the client application. It monitors the programs used by the user and their interference with the running game program. The interface will allow the user to create an account by funding a new Ethereum address with Ether via an established payment processor.

Security of

The biggest problem in every online game is cheating, either financially (credit card frauds) or in-game cheating. We aim to eliminate the risk of the former by decentralizing transactions on the basis of ethereum blockchain; while in case of the latter, we are planning to eliminate in-game cheating by means of strict KYC software monitoring, using our own artificial intelligence.


Financial transactions of players will be conducted by smart contracts running on Ethereum blockchain, the execution of which cannot be manipulated externally, thus they are executed in accordance with pre-coded outcomes.

  • Fast payments
  • Secure transactions
  • Smart-contracts


The artificial intelligence developed by us will analyze the outcome of every match and determine the result of the game. Parties may accept this outcome or place their complaints.

  • Client based app filtering
  • AI based match filtering
  • KYC based user filtering


The platform will be developed divided into several regions in order to keep pings low and distribute network load. The regions are planned to be the following:

  • Asia
  • Australia
  • Europe
  • North America
  • South America
Live to play, play for a living
Make profit from every game you play!
Let gaming be your job!
Play for profit!

— E-Sport platform for everyone! —

Our Market

Some of the cool facts about us

Thousand average concurrent players on CS:GO
Thousand average concurrent players on Dota2
Million monthly active users in LoL in 2016
Million USD the latest major event prize pool



White Paper & Pre-Sale Announcement

We are creating the whitepaper and the webpage for ICO Crowdsale.


Crowdsale starts

Crowdsale marketing and recruitmenting the testing team.


Crowdsale ends

Crowdsale ends. Start of developing private aplha version of software.


Private Alpha version

Start testing of private alpha version, and developing private beta. Open the registration to public beta version.


Private Beta version

Testing private beta version. Processing the experiences and developing public beta version.


Public Beta version

Release the public beta for testing. Start marketing to release Production version.


Production version starts

Release the Production version.

Funding Structure

How we will Distibute our funds

As you can read in our white paper, we need funds for administering, developing, marketing, and etc... for our new platform. You can see how we will distributing the funds.

General and Administrative

Every company needs administation and office where the work is going on. We are allocating 15% for this purpose.

Tech development and UI

The most expensive part of building this platform is the development phase. This includes the tools and resource fees and team salaries.

Sales and Marketing

For financing the company and platform marketing on specialized markets. We have marketing experts to conduct online campaigns, to increase the income of our company.

Misc & Reserves

This task is for any unforeseen events.

General and Administrative
Tech development and UI
Sales and Marketing
Misc & Reserves


We Create Awesome Stuff

We are a Creative Team located in Hungary, Malta and Mainland China. We have a lot of experience in Blockchain business, programming and esport games, primarily of CS:GO and DOTA2. We like to see esport matches, and play the games. We think everybody deserves to get an opportunity to play for money. Use your hobby to make money!

Expert Gamers

Our team has very experienced CS:GO and DOTA2 players. They know everything about these games and they can help in developing the platform.

Blockchain Experts

Our team includes a highly skilled blockchain developer, who helps make the smart-contracts. Those contracts will ensure that every winner can take their money.

Expert Programmers

Our team has extremely experienced and highly professional programmers developing platform, the servers and client. The servers will work with Node.js. The Client will work in electron.


WhoWe Are

Our success depends on the strength of our team. Our team is made up of skilled and experienced managers, programmers, engineers and experienced players.

Use your hobby
to make money!

We want to change gamers' lives!


Keep In Touch

Vincenti Buildings, 28/19 (Suite NO.1757) Strait Street, 
Valletta VLT 1432 Malta